Seattle Meowtropolitan

Experience Design, App Design

Each year in the United States, more than 1.4 million adoptable cats are euthanized in shelters. Our neighbors at Seattle Meowtropolitan partner with Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) to increase the number of cat adoptions. Meowtropolitan serves coffee and treats in an environment where customers are surrounded by friendly, adoptable felines from RASKC. Visits to the cat café increase adoption rates—so we needed to get the word out about the cats and Meowtropolitan. That meant getting people talking and sharing on social media.

People already send dozens if not hundreds of text messages each day. To get people talking about cat adoption, we created the Meowssenger mobile platform, which offers a quick and easy way to send messages in the voice of homeless cats. Meowssenger translates users' text into meows and purrs, which can be sent to a catless friend, or anyone who needs a feline pick-me-up. The recipient can translate the message back into English—where they are invited to book an appointment to meet their feline Meowssenger at the café. Sharing Meowssages to social media is encouraged, boosting the signal among cat lovers and those looking to adopt a Meowtropolitan cat.

The fun, playful platform builds excitement, as well as unique relationships with adoptable cats. The one-to-one engagement is wholly organic, increasing consideration of Seattle Meowtropolitan.

Adoption rates at Seattle Meowtropolitan increased by more than 20%, even causing surprise closures when all available cats found forever homes far sooner than expected.

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