Global Selling

Experience Design

Eight weeks to design and deploy an awareness campaign? For a multi-faceted, process-intensive program? To a brand-new, Chinese audience?

Responding to this formidable challenge meant emphasizing strategy; creating an environment of on-going collaboration with several global clients; quick, iterative template design; strict adherence to documenting decisions; and a "fail fast" mentality.

Our lean team of seven immediately hit high gear with user and stakeholder interviews, customer research, and client workshops. New insights emerged constantly—the team shaped the site vision with daily scrums and a dedicated war room workspace. Early wireframes took shape in tandem with development of positioning strategy.

To better respond to the near-constant flow of feedback, I designed directly in the browser with UXPin, utilizing the same tool for wireframes through high-fidelity prototypes. This approach allowed for reviews early and often, and seeing copy and styling integrated in realtime without having to schedule tricky presentations across multiple timezones. Despite several major changes of direction, this workflow made revisions pretty painless and afforded additional context for our broad range of approvals.

Beyond simply launching a site for the new regional program, our team delivered a complete positioning strategy for awareness, consideration, and activation stages of the program, for China and beyond. Our discoveries led us to supplement with additional recommendations extending into onboarding and lifecycle phases. All wrapped up in 8 weeks.

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