Land Rover
Vehicle Configurator

Experience Design, Art Direction

Land Rover endeavors to pioneer unique technology, and the process of configuring their vehicles should differentiate the brand and live up to high customer expectations. Knowing that the brand story must be consistent across all touch points, the team harnessed "capability through composure" as our guiding principle in building a refreshed configurator.

While showrooming gets a lot of attention, “webrooming,” the act of researching products online and then buying in-store, is actually more prevalent. Auditing various configurator experiences quickly illustrated how flawed the process is. Most require users to navigate hundreds of permutations without transparency or perspective. By designing for touch, accessibility, and ease of navigation, the new configurator experience focuses on decreasing user fatigue. Every detail is rooted in purpose, and gives customers unrivaled confidence via status, control, refinement, and Land Rover's iconic character.

The influence of lifestyle and the context is celebrated throughout the experience, allowing the product to feel real and personalized. Feedback is emphasized for actions and choices, bringing immediate and atmospheric adaptations, and increasing emotional appeal.

By mixing intrigue and brand voice with the more technical experience of selecting options and specifications, the tool is able to offer an experience that is truly unique to each user. Thus, the process is as much about the individual as the car; forming a tighter relationship between the two. Anyone can pick a few color combinations and a car model, but Land Rover customers want more than that: they want to feel that the car is an extension of their personality.

Of course refreshing the look and feel of the configurator wasn't the only challenge. Lead time and vehicle availablity play a central role in purchase consideration. Customers designing fully-customized cars may be asked to wait several weeks for delivery.

Solving this polarizing challenge required introducing empathy and transparency around the potential wait. Impact of selections on delivery is clearly communicated, and alternative paths to more readily available vehicles are presented at the key milestones. Curated packages with preselected trims, framed with lifestyle and owner benefits, provide a starting point for a lower lead-time configuration. Users may define anything they're unwilling to compromise, preserving meaningful customizations in true Land Rover spirit.

A premium Land Rover experience shouldn’t end once customers have used the configurator and placed their order. By creating the right post-purchase pathways and infusing them with the same level of thought, sophistication, and brand ethos, a potentially lengthy waiting experience is transformed into an exceptional and anticipatory customer journey.

Configuring a car is a highly considered experience, where users are prepared to spend more time. They could be leisurely using a tablet at home, or may need to interrupt the process and return to it later and refine. We aimed to construct a tool that allows Land Rover's "Active Achievers" to build their own Land Rover story, infused with best-in-class functionality and true Land Rover personality.

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